Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zac's stay

On Labor Day we went to Ben and Angie's and had a great BBQ and fun time with them and Krystal and Scott and Kimberly. The next day we went to the boy's first day of school. I was so mad at myself for missing the girl's first day that I was determined to make it to Spokane for Jake and Luke's. I don't know why it is so fun for me to do that. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I'm not the one that has to stay :-). On the way to Spokane we had the bright idea to bring Zac home with us until the weekend. It has been so much fun! He feels better about not getting to go to school, and we get some one-on-one time with him. I want to do this with each one of my grandkids. Anyway, here are some of the fun things we have done so far. I didn't get pictures of our fun bike rides, or the secret park that we found, or washing Betty, or giving Sonny a bath, but I did get:

Playing at McDonalds with Jaden:

Riding the golf cart during our play date with Jaden Radke:

And helping grandpa mow the lawn:

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting him come! He has been such a good boy. May we keep him :-)